3.11 lakh visitors visit Tulip Garden so far

From March 23 to April 10, 3.11 lakh tourists and locals visited the garden. Among the guests were 92 foreigners also.

Srinagar: Over three-lakh visitors visited the famous Tulip garden in Srinagar from March 23 to April 10 and the majority of the guests were domestic tourists and locals.

The number of foreign visitors was minuscule as only 92 foreign tourists showed up in the famed garden where 1.5 Tulips and Daffodils were on a display to mesmerise the visitors.

Tulip garden in-charge Sofi Inam-ur-Rehman said that from March 23 to April 10, 3.11 lakh tourists and locals visited the garden. “Among the guests were 92 foreigners also,” he said.

He said that this time around, 1.5 million flowers including Tulips and Daffodils besides other varieties were in full bloom in the garden giving a breathtaking view to every visitor. Asked how long the garden would remain open, Rehman said that it depends on the temperature.

“Let see how temperature behaves and accordingly the call will be taken,” Rehman said. The sprawling garden spread over 30 acres of land is Asia’s largest Tulip garden in the world.

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The garden was inaugurated in 2004 after which it gradually became a major tourist attraction for the tourists, both domestic as well as foreigners. However, due to the pandemic, the garden saw less arrivals of guests in 2020 and 2021.

As per the officials, this year, 80,000 more people, especially tourists have visited Tulip garden compared to previous year.

This year, the tourism department had put on display the famous Kashmiri cuisine including wazwan, and Kehwa along with various varieties of Kashmiri bread. Various cultural shows were organised in the garden to enthrall the guests.

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