‘A lesson for kidnappers’: Taliban hang 4 bodies from cranes in Afghan city’s main square

The Taliban, which hanged the bodies of four alleged kidnappers from cranes after killing them during a shootout in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat, called it a “lesson” that kidnappings will not be tolerated.

According to Herat province’s deputy governor Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Muhajir, the corpses were displayed across several squares in the city on the same day as the Taliban wanted to teach a “lesson” to the abductors.

“In order to be a lesson for other kidnappers not to kidnap or harass anyone, we hung them in the squares of the city and made this clear to everyone that anyone who steals or abducts or does any action against our people will be punished,” Mujahir was quoted as saying by AFP.

The Sun report also said in its report that locals were seen clicking photos of the bodies hanging by their necks in the Obe district of Herat in full public view.

In the past week, the Taliban have arrested 85 alleged criminals, some accused of petty crimes, and others of murder, kidnapping and robbery, said Noor Ahmad Rabbani of the group’s anti-crime department.

On at least two occasions in Kabul, petty thieves were paraded around the streets to shame them, handcuffed, with their faces painted or with stale bread stuffed in their mouths.

Since the Taliban takeover, many Afghans fear harsh punishments to return, in accordance with the hardline ideology the group practices. During their last time in power in the late 1990s, the Taliban imposed Islamic law.

That included punishments like hand amputations, executions of murderers with a single bullet to the head, most often by a relative of the murder victim and all carried out in public.

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