Aadhaar number mandatory to get govt benefits-subsidies: UIDAI

In a recent circular released from the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), if you do not have an Aadhaar ID or enrollment slip, you won’t be eligible to receive government benefits and subsidies.

The UIDAI issued an advisory to all central ministries as well as the state governments in the last week. The circular was issued on August 11th to make it more difficult to comply with the Aadhaar rules for people who do not already have an Aadhaar number and are availing of benefits and subsidies offered through the state government.

If you want certificates by govt which are used for determining the eligibility of beneficiaries for delivery of benefits/subsidies/services under government schemes, they must have the Aadhar number, said the circular.

According to the latest circular, more than 99 percent of people in India have received an Aadhaar number as of today.

The circular claims that a wide range of benefits and services are directly transferred to residents due to the broad coverage of 99 percent adults with Aadhaar identification. “Aadhaar has significantly improved the quality of resident/citizen experience in receiving welfare services,” the circular stated.

UIDAI issued another circulatory on 11 August that states that entities can create use of the Virtual Identifier (VID) optional. “Some government entities may require the Aadhaar number in their respective databases for smooth implementation of the social welfare schemes. Therefore, such government entities may require beneficiaries to provide Aadhaar numbers and made VID optional,” the UIDAI has stated in its circular.

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