Aim Of Promoting Sound Sleep and Health | First Time In The Kashmir Valley

Sound sleep is a crucial yet neglected component of an individual’s overall well-being. It is essential to relax the body and prepare it for the upcoming day. However, not every person is lucky enough to sleep peacefully every night.

To bring good sleep to everyone and to prevent muscle and joint issues in individuals, two engineers started CatchNap to introduce memory foam products in the valley.

The people behind CatchNap wish to refine the sleeping experience by offering premium-quality sleeping accessories at affordable prices. The owners of the company, Qais Bashir and Qazi, believe that it is their responsibility to work towards the well-being of their own people.

Qais Bashir works as an HVAC Research and Development Engineer, while Qazi has massive experience in information security. Both were born and brought up in Kashmir, witnessing people’s everyday lives in the valley. 

With the lifestyle improving each day, they knew that it was essential to bring luxury and comfort to the doorsteps of the people. Hence, CatchNap began its journey of improving the well-being of people.

The Aim Of CatchNap

Owing to the lifestyle and daily schedule, many people experience persistent low back pain and improper alignment. CatchNap, with its premium-quality mattresses and pillows, contours pressure and gives an aligned spine to the nappers. It aims to improve the quality of sleep by providing complete comfort.

The USP Of CatchNap – Bringing Comfort Compactly

Customer satisfaction and comfort is at the heart of CatchNap. Here are a few things we do for our customers.

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Premium-Quality Material: The products by CatchNap are crafted with memory foam, a material that contours the body and provides relief to the areas that experience the most pressure during sleep.

Compact Packaging: Bigger isn’t better! For this reason, our products are delivered in compact packaging.

Easy Unboxing: We won’t ask you to do heavy weight lifting while unboxing our packages. They are super easy to open!

Hassle-free Doorstep Delivery: CatchNap delivers happiness directly to your doorstep. Why step out when you can receive packages right at your place?

Warranty: CatchNap offers upto 10-year warranty on its products. We believe in our products and want our audience to put faith in them too.

Free Delivery: We say no to hidden charges, even the ones you pay for delivery! CatchNap offers free delivery, no matter how far you are.

Through our products, we wish to expand and impact the lives of people. CatchNap will continue bringing happiness to you, packed in compact and safe packaging.

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