All owners of land in J&K to get land passbooks by Sept. CS Arun Mehta

The CS in a conversation with the media reported that passbook for land are to be distributed in 3 distinct languages, which include Hindi, English and Kashmiri

Srinagar: The Chief Secretary for Jammu and Kashmir, Arun Kumar Mehta, on Thursday announced that at the end of September, every landowner will receive digital land passbooks in the Union Territory.

Benefits of Land Passbook in Jammu and Kashmir:

  • A Land passbook holder is able to get financial assistance from any financial institution that guarantees his possession.
  • A person who has been verified by using Aadhar and a phone number receives an email notification for each entry made within his holding. This way it’s safe and swift.
  • It will be beneficial for the Passbook owner to keep an up-to-date record on the property holding
  • Every Land Passbook in JK will include an individual QR code printed on it. This code will permit anyone or any organization to scan and confirm the validity of the records and also the legitimacy of the landowner.
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