Bank Scam: Don’t take calls from these two numbers, SBI warns it’s users

Requesting all SBI customers not to click on any such phishing/suspicious link.

The State Bank of India (SBI) has a warning for its users against scammers.

The public bank, on Twitter, noted that scammers are persuading users to “click on a phishing link” for KYC (Know Your Customer) that would compromise their online security.

The investigation department has warned SBI users against two mobile numbers. It appears that SBI customers in Assam are mainly receiving calls from these fishy numbers; however, users in other states still should be aware if they receive calls from unknown numbers asking for personal details.

In a tweet, the CID Assam said SBI Customers are getting calls from two numbers – +91-8294710946 and +91-7362951973, and the callers are asking them to click on a phishing link for KYC update.

“Requesting all SBI customers not to click on any such phishing/suspicious link,” the tweet adds. SBI retweeted and said, “Do not engage with these numbers, & don’t click on #phishing links for KYC updates as they aren’t associated with SBI”.

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What is a Phishing Attempt?

In case you’re wondering how phishing works, the idea is mainly to get others to click on fishy links. Cybercriminals often pose as legitimate institutions, usually via email, to obtain sensitive information from targeted individuals. In this current SBI scams, scammers must be pretending to be bank officials and persuading people to click on the fishy link for KYC.

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