Dal Lake Cleaning on in Double Shifts For G20 Meeting in Srinagar

In preparation for the upcoming G20 working group meeting later this month, the authorities in Srinagar are making significant efforts to clean up the city and the renowned Dal Lake. Under a focused initiative, 500 laborers have been deployed to beautify the urban water body in what is being referred to as a “mission mode.”

The tourism group meeting of the G20 is scheduled to take place at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) located on the banks of Dal Lake from May 22 to 24. Prior to this event, a comprehensive cleaning drive is underway at the lake.

The Lake Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA), responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of water bodies including Dal Lake, has mobilized manpower and machinery for the cleaning process. Both mechanical and manual methods are being employed to enhance the lake’s aesthetic appeal for the visiting dignitaries.

Bashir Ahmad Bhat, the Vice Chairman of LCMA, expressed the significance of the Dal Lake in the event and the ongoing efforts to beautify it. He mentioned that mechanized interventions such as machines and harvesters are being used to accomplish the beautification process. The work is being conducted in double shifts to expedite the process.

Bhat stated that the labor force is focused on cleaning the shorelines, and the mission mode approach is not limited to the G20 event but also extends to the forthcoming tourist season. The aim is to ensure the lake remains clean, and Bhat is optimistic that the guests will appreciate its beauty.

Around 400-500 laborers are engaged daily in the cleaning activities, supported by nine harvesters and 8-10 weed grabbers. Dredging work is also taking place near the shorelines. Additionally, the authorities have installed aerators and lighting systems to provide a distinctive ambiance for the G20 event.

Apart from the cleaning endeavors, stringent security measures have been implemented to safeguard the meeting venue. The lake has been enveloped in tight security, and Marine and NSG commandos will be deployed as an extra security precaution.

During a recent security review meeting, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Kashmir zone, Vijay Kumar, highlighted the importance of securing the rivers and lakes to ensure the safety of the G20 summit. The deployment of Marine Commandos (MARCOS) was emphasized to provide robust security coverage for the water bodies surrounding the summit venues. NSG teams will also be present to counter potential attacks and counter-drone operations.

With these combined efforts of cleanliness and security, the authorities aim to create a favorable environment for the G20 working group meeting and ensure a successful and memorable event.

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