G-20: Marine Commandos Patrol Dal Lake In Srinagar

In preparation for the upcoming G20 meeting in Srinagar, elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) have been deployed in Dal Lake, and CRPF personnel are conducting security checks along the lake banks.

The MARCOS unit will patrol the lake regularly until the conclusion of the G20 event.

The picturesque Dal Lake, known for its beauty and cultural significance, attracts visitors from around the world, and safeguarding it during the high-profile summit is of utmost importance.

The MARCOS unit, renowned for their specialized training and advanced equipment, is well-equipped to handle any challenging situations that may arise.

Their expertise in waterborne operations and close-quarter combat makes them an ideal force to ensure the security of Dal Lake, which features houseboats, shikaras, and floating markets.

The security arrangements for the G20 summit in Srinagar include the involvement of the NSG (National Security Guard) and J&K Police’s special operation group (SoG), as well as aerial surveillance through the use of drones.

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