G-20 summit: No vehicular movement on Boulevard road for 2 days

Authorities have issued a traffic advisory for the upcoming G-20 event at SKICC on May 22 and May 23. The advisory states that traffic restrictions will be in place on Boulevard Road from Nehru Park to Kralsangri on both days.

Motorists traveling towards Nishat, Shalimar, and Harwan are advised to take the alternate route via Dalgate, Rainawari, and Hazratbal instead of Boulevard Road.

Traffic assistance points will be available at various locations to ensure smooth movement towards Nishat, Shalimar, and Harwan. Motorists traveling from Harwan, Shalimar, Nishat, and surrounding areas towards Lal Chowk are advised to take the Foreshore-Hazratbal route instead of the Nishat-Boulevard Road axis.

Tourists visiting Mughal Gardens and other destinations should follow the traffic advisory. Locals and tourists from Nehru Park should use Gagribal, Buchwara Road, and exit via Dalgate. One-way traffic will be followed from the UNO office, CD Hospital, and Nehru Park.

Motorists from Guiab Bagh, Zakoora, Naseembagh, Habak, and adjacent areas should take the Habak-Dargah-Khanyar route to reach Lal Chowk instead of Foreshore Road.

It is advised to park vehicles at designated parking places and avoid roadside parking. Vehicles parked improperly will be towed. In case of emergencies, the shortest route will be allowed. Citizens requiring assistance can contact the Traffic Police Control Room at No 103.

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