G20 summit to begin in Kashmir today

Pakistan has expressed strong discontent over India's decision to host the G20 Tourism Working Group conference in Kashmir.

The third G20 Tourism Working Group meeting is scheduled to take place in Srinagar, and extensive preparations have been made to ensure its success.

Given that this is the first major international event in Jammu and Kashmir since the revocation of its special status in 2019, security measures are on high alert. A three-tier security grid, including aerial surveillance and the deployment of National Security Guard (NSG) and MARCOS commandos, has been implemented.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police’s special operation group (SOG) will also provide security cover at various locations to prevent any potential terror incidents.

The city of Srinagar has been adorned with decorations to welcome the delegates, and the people of Kashmir are enthusiastic about the summit, which they believe will boost the tourism and business sectors in the region.

While there will be no restrictions on public movement in Srinagar, all shops and businesses are open to welcome the guests of the G20 summit.

People from different sectors are eagerly greeting the delegates and anticipate that the summit will contribute to the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in terms of tourism and the economy.

Pakistan has expressed strong discontent over India’s decision to host the G20 Tourism Working Group conference in Kashmir. However, India has clarified that G20 meetings are held in various cities across the country, including Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, which are integral parts of India.

The G20 Working Group meeting in Jammu and Kashmir will focus on five key priority areas: Green Tourism, Digitalization, Skills, MSMEs, and Destination Management.

The objective is to enhance economic growth, preserve cultural heritage, and promote sustainable development in the region.

The event will be attended by G20 member countries, invited countries, international organizations, and industry stakeholders.