How to protect WhatsApp account if your phone is lost/stolen?

The loss of your phone is an unimaginable nightmare that no smartphone user would like to experience. There are important documents, pictures and other on your phone that you do not want to lose. Also important are your WhatsApp chats which you do not want other people to view or read.

Here, we will provide steps you can take to ensure that nobody uses or view your WhatsApp account in the event that your phone is lost or stolen.

First of all, first, secure first and foremost, lock your SIM card. To do this, contact your mobile company as soon as you can. This will ensure that nobody can verify your account through call or text message from that number and again.

You can also use an alternative SIM card that has the same number to enable your WhatsApp account on the new phone. This is the most efficient method to remove your account from the phone that was stolen as WhatsApp is only activated by a single phone number for one device at the same time.

It is also possible to mail an email message to WhatsApp using the words “Lost/Stolen My account has been deleted. account” within your email’s body. Be sure to include your contact number in its full international format.

If you’ve stored a backup on Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive prior to the time your phone went missing it is possible to recover your conversation history to the new phone.

What happens after the WhatsApp account is deleted?

Note that when you disable the WhatsApp account, it’s not totally deleted. Your contacts will still be able to view your profile. In fact, they may send you messages which will remain in a pending status until 30 days. In order to receive these messages, you need to reactivate your account prior to 30 days.

Additionally, in the event that your account is removed from service, it will remain present in all group chats. If you do not activate your account in the time frame mentioned above the account will be totally removed.

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