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JKBOSE Books for Class 1 to 12 – Download Free PDF

Get Free PDF Downloads of JKBOSE Books for Classes 1 to 12

The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) is an independent organization that strives to deliver high-quality education to school children in J&K. Its primary focus is to develop and publish model textbooks, supplementary materials, educational kits, and more.

JKBOSE Books are considered the best study material for students in Classes 1 to 12. Subject experts have meticulously designed these books by conducting extensive research and analyzing specific subjects while understanding students’ comprehension levels.

JKBOSE textbooks are written in simple language and cover the fundamentals of all topics. They play a crucial role in elementary, secondary, and senior secondary school education.

JKBOSE Books Class 1 to 12 | Class-wise list

JKBOSE Books for Class 12JKBOSE Books for Class 11
JKBOSE Books for Class 10JKBOSE Books for Class 9
JKBOSE Books for Class 8JKBOSE Books for Class 7
JKBOSE Books for Class 6JKBOSE Books for Class 5
JKBOSE Books for Class 4JKBOSE Books for Class 3
JKBOSE Books for Class 2JKBOSE Books for Class 1

Our JKBOSE Books for Class 1 to 12 are not only helpful in completing home assignments but also in preparing for board exams and competitive exams. So, whether you need help with homework or want to ace your exams, our JKBOSE Books are here to assist you.

JKBOSE Books for Class 1 to 12 in PDF | Subject List

We provide comprehensive JKBOSE Books for all classes and subjects, which students can easily download in PDF format. Below is the list of subjects and classes for which JKBOSE Books are available:

Class 12 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 12 Maths
☛Class 12 Physics
☛Class 12 Chemistry
☛Class 12 Biology
☛Class 12 English
☛Class 12 Business Studies
☛Class 12 Accountancy (Part 1 and Part 2)
☛Class 12 Economics (Micro-Economics and Macro-Economics)
☛Class 12 Commerce

Class 11 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 11 Maths
☛Class 11 Physics
☛Class 11 Chemistry
☛Class 11 Biology
☛Class 11 English
☛Class 11 Accountancy
☛Class 11 Business Studies
☛Class 11 Economics
☛Class 11 Statistics
☛Class 11 Commerce

Class 10 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 10 Maths
☛Class 10 Science
☛Class 10 English
☛Class 10 Social Science (History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics)

Class 9 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 9 Maths
☛Class 9 Science
☛Class 9 English
☛Class 9 Social Science (History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics)

Class 8 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 8 Maths
☛Class 8 Science
☛Class 8 English
☛Class 8 Social Science (History, Geography, and Political Science)

Class 7 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 7 Maths
☛Class 7 Science
☛Class 7 English
☛Class 7 Social Science (History, Geography, and Political Science)

Class 6 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 6 Maths
☛Class 6 Science
☛Class 6 English
☛Class 6 Social Science (History, Geography, and Political Science)

Class 5 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 5 Maths
☛Class 5 English
☛Class 5 EVS

Class 4 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 4 Maths
☛Class 4 English
☛Class 4 EVS

Class 3 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 3 Maths
☛Class 3 Evs
☛Class 3 English

Class 2 JKBOSE Books

☛Class 2 Maths
☛Class 2 English

Class 1 JKBOSE Books

Class 1 Maths
Class 1 English
Class 1 Hindi
Class 1 Urdu
Class 1 Kashmiri

At JK Chrome, all JKBOSE Books are provided in a well-structured and easy-to-understand format, which helps students to learn and revise the subject matter with ease.

Q1. What are JKBOSE books?

JKBOSE books are textbooks published by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education, covering Classes 1 to 12, along with supplementary readers, teachers’ guides, research monographs, books on vocational courses, and educational journals.

Q2. Can I download JKBOSE books online?

JKBOSE e-books can be downloaded from the official JKBOSE website or JK Chrome website.

Q4. Where to buy JKBOSE books?

Physical copies of JKBOSE books can be purchased from nearby bookstores.

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