JKBOSE Class 4th Textbooks 2022; Direct Link to Download PDFs

JKBOSE Class 4th Textbooks: Welcome to the JKBOSE Class 4th Books section. Here you can find the option to download JKBOSE Class 4th Textbooks PDF for all topics.

JKBOSE Class 4th Textbooks Pdf Download 2022:

Students from Jammu and Kashmir UT can obtain their Class 4th standard most recent books from their respective schools. You can also download PDF textbooks from the official site of JKBOSE.

JKBOSE textbooks are in accordance with NCERT and SCERT syllabuses to meet the requirements of students.

SCERT/JKBOSE Class 4th Textbook List:

  1. Textbook of Urdu for Class – IV
  2. Textbook of Pahari For Class – IV
  3. Textbook of Merry Math for Class – IV
  4. Textbook of Gojri For Class – IV
  5. Textbook of English (Tulip Series) for Class – IV
  6. Textbook of Dogri For Class – IV
  7. Textbook of EVS For Class – IV
  8. Textbook of Hindi for Class – IV
  9. Textbook of Kashmiri For Class – IV
  10. Textbook of Balti For Class – IV 

How to Download JKBOSE Class 4th e-Textbook 2022

Below is the list of books with download links, students can download the books directly from the links below or download eBooks directly from JKBOSE’s official site JKBOSE in the following steps:

  • Visit the Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education Official website at https://jkbose.nic.in/
  • Scroll to the bottom and search for Textbooks and then select it.
  • You’ll now be able to see the list of E-Books for all classes.
  • Choose your class of study such as Class 4th, and then proceed.
  • Use the hyperlink to download the pdf book, which includes all chapters.

JKBOSE Class 4th e-Textbook 2022 Direct Download Links:

S. No.JKBOSE Class 4th e-TextbookDownload Link
1JKBOSE Textbook of URDU – (From page No. 41 to 68) for Class IVDownload
2JKBOSE Textbook of URDU – (From page No. 1 to 40) for Class IVDownload
3JKBOSE Textbook of Hindi for Class IVDownload
4JKBOSE Textbook of Gojri for Class IVDownload
5JKBOSE Textbook of Dogri for Class IVDownload
6JKBOSE Textbook of Balti for Class IVDownload
7JKBOSE Textbook of Mathematics for Class IVDownload
8JKBOSE Textbook of EVS for Class IVDownload
9JKBOSE Textbook of English for Class IVDownload
10JKBOSE Textbook of Pahari for Class IVDownload
JKBOSE Class 4th e-Textbook


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