Meet ‘Blood Man of Kashmir’ Shabir Hussain Khan, donated 182 pints of blood so far

Shabir Hussain Khan, a 60-year-old man from Srinagar, has been donating blood for over four decades now. His selfless efforts have earned him the title of the “Blood Man of Kashmir,” as he has donated a remarkable 182 pints of blood so far.

Khan’s O-negative blood group is a rare type, making his donations instrumental in saving the lives of those who require this blood type. Despite his altruistic contributions, Khan has not received any recognition from the government.

In an interview, Khan expressed his disappointment, “The government did not acknowledge my efforts. Forget the state award, I have not been provided with an old-age pension. People who voluntarily donate blood get nothing from the government except for a refreshment of Rs 30, which is not enough to buy bananas.”

Despite the lack of support from the authorities, Khan has been an inspiration for many in the region. He believes that healthy individuals should donate blood to save the lives of others. “But it is my request to the government to at least increase the rate of refreshment from Rs 30 to Rs 100 so that the donor gets required nutrients after blood donation,” he said.

Shabir’s story has garnered attention from many people in the region who are now urging the government to acknowledge his selfless contributions. His dedication and selflessness are an inspiration to us all, proving that one person’s efforts can make a significant difference in society.