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Motorolla Jobs Recruitment 2022: We are seeking an experienced SIEM Engineer who will be responsible to ensure the systems we develop and deploy are being properly monitored. You will work closely with application developers, platform engineers and the MSI 24×7 SOC to ensure that the appropriate incident monitoring capability is in place.

Motorolla Jobs Recruitment 2022 Vacancy Details:

The position is part of our Cloud Infrastructure Engineering (CIE) organization which operates and manages MSI Public Safety Application SaaS platform.

Name of Post: Cloud Infrastructure Engineering (CIE)
Location: Bangalore, India & Vadodara, India
Job Type: Fill Time

You will perform platform level threat modeling, IOC identification, as well as the generation and tuning of SIEM detection rules. You will further support application on-boarding and incident investigations. You will also build tools or services that aid in security testing and monitoring.


  • Understand SaaS system components and the logs they produce
  • Identify specific log records needed to detect security events and create alerts based on those identified records
  • Work with product/platform teams to ensure security events are being properly logged and identifiable as security events
  • Create Security Event Dashboards Perform threat hunting using the SIEM, IDS, Azure Security Center and other tools
  • Investigating indicators of compromise Design, hold and participate in game day exercises with simulated incidents
  • Work with other members of the cybersecurity team, the cloud infrastructure engineering team and applications development teams to understand the full impact of detected security events
  • Support forensic analysis by providing information regarding logged network activity, access to storage accounts and other events of interest


  • Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree preferred
  • 2+ years of security monitoring, SIEM management, security engineering or DevSecOps
  • 6+ years of experience with cyber security concepts, common attack vectors and threat hunting techniques

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