New Research found Sun is going to die

The Sun is a constant presence in our lives. It has been revered in many religions for hundreds of years.

The results of a new research have revealed that the legendary star is currently at its middle age, and that in just few billion years, it will die.

A new study by the European Space Agency has estimated that the current age of the Sun could be around 4.57 billion years. This means it is at a good point in its middle.

“With an age of around 4.57 billion years, our Sun is currently in its comfortable middle age, fusing hydrogen into helium and generally being rather stable,” the agency reported.

As the Sun continues to grow in its lifetime, it’s likely to slowly grow bigger as hydrogen fuel dries up within its core.

What is the time frame for this? The Sun is between 10 and 11 billion years old.

“As the hydrogen fuel runs out in its core, and changes begin in the fusion process, we expect it to swell into a red giant star, lowering its surface temperature in the process,” the ESA released in its announcement.

The scientists of the organisation have been able to arrive at these figures using the most recent data from ESA’s Star Mapping Gaia mission.

“If we don’t understand our own Sun – and there are many things we don’t know about it – how can we expect to understand all of the other stars that make up our wonderful galaxy.”

The Sun is currently in an intense activity as it begins the new solar cycle. Astrophysicists as well as astronomers have observed 17 coronal mass explosions and nine sunspots within the last week of our star

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