NIT Srinagar students build Kashmir’s first Go-Kart for racing

25 students from Srinagar’s National Institute of Technology (NIT) have created Kashmir’s first go-kart racing model. (G-01). It will compete in the All India Go Karting Competition that will take place in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the following week.

Prof. MF Wani, the in-charge director of NIT Srinagar, and Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari, the registrar, on Thursday signalled the start of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Team Garuda’s inaugural racing model, G-01. All of the deans and heads of departments from various departments attended the ceremony.

The team of 25 students was put together by Prof. Adnan Qayoum, Head of MED, and they have been working on campus for the past few months under the guidance of Drs. H.S. Pali and Dinesh Kumar Rajendran.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 Engine was used in the Go-Kart, which was built using a variety of tools. Diesel fuel is used, and its top speed is 150 km per hour. Before being put on the road, the trail run was completed successfully and passed all standard inspections.

Prof. M.F. Wani, the in-charge director, praised Team Garuda’s example and said that it is a proud movement for the entire Institute.

“Students have created the G-Kart model for the first time. More is yet to come as it is only the beginning. “Our students are working around the clock on innovations, and we are also modernising the campus’s infrastructure,” he stated.

Director of NIT Srinagar, Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal, stated in his message that GoKart is a recent addition to Kashmir and is more well-liked in south Indian states.

According to him, “the Valley’s innovation trend is evolving with cutting-edge technology in every field and our students are performing well.”

Prof. Sehgal recognised the value of Drs. Dinesh Kumar Rajendran and H.S. Pali’s mentoring of campus students.

Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari, the institute’s registrar, claimed that NIT Srinagar is advancing in nation-building and empowering students via innovation and skill development.

For months, young bachelors from all around the nation collaborated to make it happen. Students persevered in the face of overwhelming challenges to create the first racing model, the Go-kart (G-01). They are giving it to the entire area, he said.

HOD MED, Prof. Adnan, stated that the department uses cutting-edge technology in a number of areas. Young people who are attracted by cars and want to work in the industry, he said.

“We have assembled a committed group to identify shifting patterns in Kashmir. According to him, the department is working on a variety of platforms to use cutting-edge technologies on campus.

According to Dr. H.S. Pali, coordinator of the Garuda Team, it is the biggest accomplishment in NIT Srinagar’s history. He claimed that the Garuda team’s months of laborious effort, devotion, and cooperation have culminated in the G-01 model.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rajendran, the faculty coordinator for Team Garuda, said it is evidence of the creativity and invention that are hallmarks of the NIT Srinagar community.

“We have pushed the limits of what Kashmiri students can accomplish. We have the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of our Karting model with the introduction and demonstration of G-01,” he stated.

According to Dr. Dinesh, the student team from NIT Srinagar will compete in the All India Go Karting Championship, which will be held in Tamil Nadu at Kari Motors Coimbatore.

He declared, “The students are well prepared and capable enough to work wonders in the days ahead.”