Panchayat Accounts Assistant Syllabus

Syllabus for the post of Panchayat Accounts Assistant for Written test (Objective Type). JKSSB Accounts Assistant Recruitment for 1889 posts for J&K Services Selection Board Advertisement No.02 of 2020. Annexure “A”

Total Marks: 120

Total Time: 2 Hours


  1. Mathematics / Statistics – (10 marks)
  2. General Economics – (10 marks)
  3. General Knowledge with special reference to J&K – (30 marks)
  4. Science – (10 marks)
  5. Accountancy and Book Keeping – (30 marks)
  6. Knowledge of Computer Applications – (30 marks)

Mathematics / Statistics

  • Tabulation and compilation of data
  • Theory of Probability
  • Theory of Attributes: Basic concept and their Applications
  • Method’s of collecting primary and secondary data
  • Analysis of time series component’s
  • Sampling and Non Sampling errors
  • Vital Statistics – Measures of fertility, Measures of Mortality, Specific Fertility and net reproduction rates
  • Demography- Census, its features and functions
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Matrices & Determinants, Simultaneous Linear Equations
  • Set Theory – Basic Concepts and Applications

General Economics

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  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Budgeting including own resource generation and budgeting for Panchayat.
  • Introduction of Economics – Basic Concepts and Principles
  • Production, Cost and Efficiency
  • Growth Fiscal Policy, Meaning, Scopes and Methodology
  • Factors of Production and Laws
  • Demand Analysis
  • Concept of Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP)
  • Pricing under various forms of Markets
  • Theory of Consumers demand using in difference cure techniques

General Knowledge with special reference to J&K

  • Constitution of India – Formation, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles
  • Popular names of the personalities (Religion, Politics, Scientific, discoveries, Geographical, Sports, History)
  • Centrally Sponsored Schemes – Guidelines and Objectives
  • 73rd amendment of constitution of India
  • History of J&K state – places and their importance
  • Agriculture in economic development, Industrialization and economic development
  • Sustainable Development Goal
  • Current events of state, National and International level
  • Climate and crops in state and India
  • Panchayat Raj Act, 1989 (as amended up to October, 2018 and rules)


  • Physics – Important inventions and their inventors; S.I Units,; Motion; Sound; Light; Wave; Energy; Electricity
  • Biology – Important inventions and their inventors; Important and interesting facts about human body parts; Nutrition; in Animal and Plants; Diseases and their causes like bacteria; Viruses and Protozoa
  • Chemistry – Chemical properties of substances and their uses; chemical change and physical change; Properties of Gases; surface Chemistry; Chemistry in everyday life

Accountancy and Book Keeping

  • Accounting equation and Journal
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting and its terms
  • Bank reconciliation Statement
  • Voucher Approach in Accountancy
  • Ledger Accounts
  • Partnership Accounts
  • Financial management/Statements
  • Trading Account
  • Trail Balance
  • Rules of Journalizing
  • Elements of Double entry Book Keeping
  • Cash Book, Financial Audit
  • Public Financial Management System (PFMS)
  • Concept of Social Accounting, Social Audit and Cash based single entry system of Accounting
  • Profit Loss Account and Balance Sheet

Knowledge of Computer Applications

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Fundamentals of computer science
  • Basic Applications of Computer and its components
  • Bringing computer to life
  • Hardware & Software, Source of Open Source Technologies
  • Terms and Abbreviations used in IT
  • Concept of Computer Virus and Latest Anti-Virus
  • Knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF Internet and E-Mail
  • Input and Output Devices

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