Pollens shed by Russian poplars don’t cause allergy, worsen symptoms: Dr Naveed Nazir

Top Kashmir pulmonologist and head of the department (HOD), chest disease hospital, Dr. Naveed Nazir on Thursday refuted the misconception that pollens shed by Russian poplar trees cause allergy or worsen the symptoms of allergic patients.

Talking to KNS, Dr. Naveed said that attributing the worsening of symptoms in allergic or Asthma patients to the Russian poplar seeds this season is wrong.

“In this season the symptoms of any form of allergy including nasal allergy, eye allergy worsen and people attribute these worsening allergy symptoms to Russian popular seeds. This is only a misconception,” Dr. Naveed said.

“In this season, not only Russian poplars but pollens from many other trees are found in the atmosphere. Since the cotton flakes from pollens are visible we attribute it to worsening allergy symptoms,” Dr. Naveed said.

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He said that there has been no research carried out so far by any expert that Russian poplar pollens cause allergies.

“In fact, it has been found during a research that the pollens from other plants which are not visible in the atmosphere are many times more allergic than those from Russian poplars,” Dr. Naveed said.

He advised the allergic patients to consult their doctors after the worsening of their symptoms.

“Before the onset of the pollen season allergic patients should seek the consultation of doctors and get their treatment optimized so that their symptoms remain under control,” Dr. Naveed said.