Replace annual water charges with monthly bills for public convenience: CS

He emphasized the importance of digital payment methods for customer ease

  • Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta directed officials to switch from annual water usage charges to monthly bills for convenience.
  • The use of digital payment methods was emphasized for customer ease.
  • Progress and timely completion of the Jal Jeevan Mission were discussed, with a focus on expediting tendering for pending works.
  • Clearances for pipe networks through forests should be provided quickly while protecting the environment.
  • Local involvement and engagement of PaniSamities (local water management committees) were emphasized for the successful implementation of schemes.
  • The completion of tap water connections for most remaining rural households was projected by September.

Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta has instructed officials of the Jal Shakti Department to change the practice of charging people annually for water usage. Instead, he recommended dividing the amount into monthly bills to make it more convenient for consumers.

He emphasized the importance of digital payment methods for customer ease. Mehta also discussed the progress of the Jal Jeevan Mission and urged officials to meet the deadlines and expedite the tendering process for pending works.

He interacted with locals and Panchayat Raj Institutions to assess the quality and pace of work at various sites.

Mehta emphasized the need for expediting clearances for pipe networks in forests while ensuring environmental protection.

He stressed the involvement of PaniSamities at every step to enhance their understanding of running the schemes successfully in the future. Mehta instructed officers to evaluate the sustainability of water supply schemes and ensure an adequate quantity of potable water for people.

He also advised securing NABL accreditation for water-testing labs to certify quality parameters. Mehta highlighted the progress of the Jal Jeevan Mission and its contribution to empowering people at the grassroots level.

The Principal Secretary provided an update on the implementation of the mission and the number of rural households that have received functional tap connections.

Mehta projected that most of the remaining rural households would receive tap water connections by September.

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