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SSC Stenographer Study Material PDF | Get General Awareness, Intelligence & Reasoning and English Comprehension PDF books Free in PDF format.

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SSC Stenographer Study Material

SSC Stenographer Study Material PDF: Every year, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Stenographer Grade C & D Posts exam to recruit candidates for constable posts. The SSC Steno exam is widely popular in India and demands a solid understanding of various subjects and topics. To excel in this exam, utilizing SSC Steno notes/study material is considered one of the most effective preparation methods.

SSC Steno notes are well-structured study materials that provide comprehensive coverage of all the crucial topics and essential concepts necessary to crack the SSC exam. These notes are meticulously prepared by experts and experienced teachers who possess profound knowledge of the SSC Stenographer exam pattern and syllabus.


Overview of SSC Stenographer Study Material PDF

For a comprehensive understanding of the SSC Steno Exam, we have compiled important information in the table below. Candidates are urged to refer to the following table for crucial details about SSC Stenographer Exam:

Conducting AuthorityStaff Selection Commission (SSC)
Name of ExamStenographer (Steno)
PostStenographer Grade C & D Posts
Job CategoryGovt Job
Exam ModeOnline
SSC Steno Study MaterialAvailable Now
Selection Process1. CBT
2. Shorthand Skill Test
(Qualifying in nature)
SSC Official

SSC Stenographer Study Material PDF Download

If you are preparing for the SSC Steno Exam, it is strongly recommended to download the SSC Stenographer Study material/Notes. Doing so will grant you a better grasp of the exam pattern and the types of questions asked. To facilitate your preparation, we have provided a direct link below, allowing you to download a PDF file of SSC Steno Study Material. Click on the provided link to kickstart your exam preparations.

SSC Stenographer English Notes PDF

Download the English PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
ArticlesDownload PDF
Verb ArrangementDownload PDF
AdverbDownload PDF
VerbDownload PDF
PronounDownload PDF
NounDownload PDF
TensesDownload PDF
Preposition IDownload PDF
Preposition IIDownload PDF
Fill in the BlanksDownload PDF
AdjectivesDownload PDF
ConjunctionDownload PDF
Parts of SpeechDownload PDF
Active PassiveDownload PDF
Cloze Test IDownload PDF
Cloze Test IIDownload PDF
Cloze Test IIIDownload PDF
Tricks AntonymsDownload PDF
Tricks SynonymsDownload PDF
Direct and Indirect IDownload PDF
Direct and Indirect IIDownload PDF
Idioms and PhrasesDownload PDF
ErrorsDownload PDF
Para JumblesDownload PDF
Reading ComprehensionDownload PDF
Sentence ImprovementDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer General Intelligence and Reasoning Notes PDF

Download the General Intelligence and Reasoning PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
AnalogyDownload PDF
ClassificationDownload PDF
SeriesDownload PDF
PropositionDownload PDF
Coding and DecodingDownload PDF
Blood RelationDownload PDF
Direction and DistanceDownload PDF
ReasoningDownload PDF
Incomplete FiguresDownload PDF
Venn DiagramDownload PDF
Mathematical OperationsDownload PDF
Sitting ArrangementDownload PDF
Statement and ArgumentsDownload PDF
Figure ClassificationDownload PDF
Counting of FiguresDownload PDF
Order and RankingDownload PDF
Word FormationDownload PDF
Mirror and Water ImagesDownload PDF
Arrangement of WordsDownload PDF
Clock & CalendarDownload PDF
CubesDownload PDF
Embedded FiguresDownload PDF
Missing NumbersDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer General Awareness (Static GK) Notes PDF

Download the General Awareness (Static GK) PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topics/ChapterDownload Link
National Parks & Wildlife SanctuariesDownload PDF
Tiger Reserves of IndiaDownload PDF
Nuclear Power PlantsDownload PDF
UNESCO sites in IndiaDownload PDF
Classical and Folk DancesDownload PDF
Stadiums of IndiaDownload PDF
Sports TrophyDownload PDF
Research Centers IndiaDownload PDF
Currency and CapitalDownload PDF
Country and ParliamentDownload PDF
Military ExerciseDownload PDF
Important OrganisationsDownload PDF
International BoundariesDownload PDF
River System IndiaDownload PDF
Important Revolutions in IndiaDownload PDF
National HighwayDownload PDF
List of AirportsDownload PDF
Lakes of IndiaDownload PDF
DamsDownload PDF
Temples of IndiaDownload PDF
Monuments in IndiaDownload PDF
Book and AuthorDownload PDF
First in India MaleDownload PDF
First in India FemaleDownload PDF
First in Male and Female in WorldDownload PDF
AwardsDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Art & Culture Notes PDF

Download the Art & Culture PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Pre-Historic Rock PaintingDownload PDF
Arts of Indus ValleyDownload PDF
Arts of the Mauryan PeriodDownload PDF
Indian Bronze SculptureDownload PDF
Post Mauryan TrendsDownload PDF
Temple, Architecture and SculptureDownload PDF
Indo-Islamic ArchitectureDownload PDF
Later Mural TraditionsDownload PDF
Art and Culture (Complete Book)Download Book

SSC Stenographer Ancient History Notes PDF

Download the Ancient History PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
Indus Civilization (2500-1750 BC)Download PDF
Vedic Culture (1500-600 BC)Download PDF
Mahajanapadas (600-325 BC)Download PDF
Maurya Period (322 BC-185 BC)Download PDF
Post Maurya (185 BC – 319 AD)Download PDF
Gupta Period (319-540 AD)Download PDF
Post-Gupta Period (550-647 AD)Download PDF
Ancient History (Book Complete)Download Book

SSC Stenographer Medieval History Notes PDF

Download the Medieval History PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Early Medieval Period (650-1206 AD)Download PDF
Sultanate Period (1206-1526 AD)Download PDF
Mughal Period Download PDF
Religious Movements in 15th & 16th CenturiesDownload PDF
Maratha State and Maratha ConfederacyDownload PDF
Advent of EuropeansDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Modern History Notes PDF

Download the Modern History PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Governor General of IndiaDownload PDF
Economic Impact of British RuleDownload PDF
Partition of BengalDownload PDF
Emergence of GandhiDownload PDF
Expansion of British PowerDownload PDF
Home Rule LeaguesDownload PDF
Freedom StruggleDownload PDF
Quit India MovementDownload PDF
Civil Disobedience MovementDownload PDF
Early NationalismDownload PDF
Militant RevolutionaryDownload PDF
Socio-Religious MovementsDownload PDF
Important LegislationDownload PDF
Development of EducationDownload PDF
British Policy of Divide and RuleDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer World History Notes PDF

Download the World History PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Fascism-NazismDownload PDF
Emergence of Modern TurkeyDownload PDF
Colonialism and ImperialismDownload PDF
CapitialismDownload PDF
American RevolutionDownload PDF
Second World WarDownload PDF
Militarism in JapanDownload PDF
Nazism in GermanyDownload PDF
Fascism in ItlayDownload PDF
Economic Depression of WorldDownload PDF
Turkish Revolution 1923Download PDF
Chinese RevolutionDownload PDF
Russsian revolutionDownload PDF
First World WarDownload PDF
Unification of GermanyDownload PDF
Unification of ItlayDownload PDF
French RevolutionDownload PDF
American War of IndependenceDownload PDF
Industrial RevolutionDownload PDF
Glorious RevolutionDownload PDF
Geographical DiscoveriesDownload PDF
ReformationDownload PDF
RenaissanceDownload PDF
7 Wonders of Medieval WorldDownload PDF
Medieval japanDownload PDF
Medieval ChinaDownload PDF
Arab CivilizationDownload PDF
Medieval EuropeDownload PDF
7 Wonders of Ancient WorldDownload PDF
Roman CivilizationDownload PDF
Greek CivilizationDownload PDF
Iranian CivilizationDownload PDF
Chinese CivilizationDownload PDF
Egyptian CivilizationDownload PDF
Ancient World – Bronze AgeDownload PDF
World History (Complete Book)Download Book

SSC Stenographer Geography Notes PDF

Download the Geography PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
Solar SystemDownload PDF
Continents and OceansDownload PDF
AtmosphereDownload PDF
Latitude and LongitudeDownload PDF
Different Heat ZonesDownload PDF
Motion of EarthDownload PDF
Day and NightDownload PDF
Atmospheric pressureDownload PDF
Structure of EarthDownload PDF
RocksDownload PDF
Earthquake and VolcanoesDownload PDF
Various LandformsDownload PDF
Indian SubcontinentDownload PDF
Climatic DiversityDownload PDF
Soil ResourcesDownload PDF
Agriculture in indiaDownload PDF
Water ResourcesDownload PDF
Countries and their ProducesDownload PDF
Transport in IndiaDownload PDF
India FactsDownload PDF
Introduction to AsiaDownload PDF
Indian SubcontinentDownload PDF
Countries and CapitalDownload PDF
River Side CitiesDownload PDF
Wonders of WorldDownload PDF
Town Associated with IndustriesDownload PDF
Famous Sites (India)Download PDF
Famous Sites (World)Download PDF
Changed Names of Cities & CountriesDownload PDF
Deepest OceansDownload PDF
Highest Mountain PeaksDownload PDF
Geographical EpithetsDownload PDF
Important boundary LinesDownload PDF
Tribes and their HomelandDownload PDF
GlossaryDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Polity Notes PDF

Download the Polity PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Evolution of Indian ConstitutionDownload PDF
Constituent Assembly Download PDF
Sources of Indian ConstitutionDownload PDF
Important ArticlesDownload PDF
Features of Indian ConstitutionDownload PDF
Federal and Unitary Features of Indian ConstitutionDownload PDF
The PreambleDownload PDF
Lapse of ParamountcyDownload PDF
Amendments in ConstitutionDownload PDF
Merger of Indian StatesDownload PDF
The Union and its TerritoriesDownload PDF
Reorganization of StatesDownload PDF
CitizenshipDownload PDF
Principles of State PolicyDownload PDF
Fundamental RightsDownload PDF
Fundamental DutiesDownload PDF
Procedure for AmendingDownload PDF
The PresidentDownload PDF
Parliament of IndiaDownload PDF
Executives of StateDownload PDF
PanchayatsDownload PDF
MunicipalitiesDownload PDF
The Supreme CourtDownload PDF
The High CourtDownload PDF
Inter state councilDownload PDF
Finance CommissionDownload PDF
ElectionDownload PDF
Planning CommissionDownload PDF
National Development CouncilDownload PDF
National Integration CouncilDownload PDF
Inter-State RelationDownload PDF
Emergency provisionDownload PDF
Public service CommissionsDownload PDF
Official languagesDownload PDF
National SymbolsDownload PDF
Delimitation Council of IndiaDownload PDF
GlossaryDownload PDF
Complete BookDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Environment Notes PDF

Download the Environment PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
Environmental IssuesDownload PDF
Biodiversity and ConservationDownload PDF
EcosystemDownload PDF
Organism and PopulationDownload PDF
Green ChemistryDownload PDF
Industrial WasteDownload PDF
Soil PollutionDownload PDF
Ill-EffectsDownload PDF
Environmental ChemistryDownload PDF
Weather, Climate | AdaptationDownload PDF
Natural ResourcesDownload PDF
Our EnvironmentDownload PDF
Management of Natural ResourcesDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Economics Notes PDF

Download the Economics PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
Characteristics of Indian EconomyDownload PDF
Agriculture and Land DevelopmentDownload PDF
Tax SystemDownload PDF
Economic PlanningDownload PDF
UnemploymentDownload PDF
Trade and CommerceDownload PDF
New Economic PolicyDownload PDF
Indian Financial SystemDownload PDF
Banking in IndiaDownload PDF
Indian Fiscal SystemDownload PDF
IndustryDownload PDF
Foreign TradeDownload PDF
GlossaryDownload PDF

SSC Stenographer Physics Notes PDF

Download the Physics PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
UnitDownload PDF
MotionDownload PDF
Work, Energy, PowerDownload PDF
GravitationDownload PDF
PressureDownload PDF
FlotationDownload PDF
ViscosityDownload PDF
ElasticityDownload PDF
Harmonic MotionDownload PDF
WaveDownload PDF
Sound WaveDownload PDF
HeatDownload PDF
LightDownload PDF
Static ElectricityDownload PDF
CurrentDownload PDF
MagnetismDownload PDF
Atomic PhysicsDownload PDF
ElectronicsDownload PDF
Scientific InstrumentsDownload PDF
InventionsDownload PDF
Important DiscoveriesDownload PDF
S.I Units Download PDF
Conversion of Units Download PDF
Physics (GIST)Download PDF
Physics Book (Complete)Download Book

SSC Stenographer Chemistry Notes PDF

Download the Chemistry PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from below-given links:

Topic/ChapterDownload Link
IntroductionDownload PDF
Atomic StructureDownload PDF
Periodic ClassificationDownload PDF
Chemical BondingDownload PDF
Oxidation and ReductionDownload PDF
Acids, Bases & SaltsDownload PDF
Behaviour of GasesDownload PDF
ElectrolysisDownload PDF
Carbon and its CompoundsDownload PDF
FuelsDownload PDF
MetallurgyDownload PDF
Facts about MetalsDownload PDF
Non MetalDownload PDF
Common FactsDownload PDF
Man-made SubstancesDownload PDF
Chemistry (GIST)Download PDF

SSC Stenographer Biology Notes PDF

Download the Biology PDFs chapter-wise to aid your exam preparation from the below-given links:

Chapter/TopicDownload Link
IntroductionDownload PDF
Classification of OrganismDownload PDF
Study of CellDownload PDF
GeneticsDownload PDF
Organic EvolutionDownload PDF
Classification of PlantaeDownload PDF
Plant MorphologyDownload PDF
Plant TissueDownload PDF
PhotosynthesisDownload PDF
Plant HormonesDownload PDF
Plant DiseasesDownload PDF
EcologyDownload PDF
PollutionDownload PDF
Classification of Animal KingdomDownload PDF
Animal TissueDownload PDF
Human BloodDownload PDF
System of Human BodyDownload PDF
NutrientsDownload PDF
Human DiseasesDownload PDF
MiscellaneousDownload PDF
List of DiseasesDownload PDF
Biology (GIST)Download PDF

SSC Stenographer NCERT GIST (Summary) Notes PDF

From below you can download NCERT Gist subject-wise for your exam preparation.


1. History

Class-Wise HistoryDownload Link
History 6th ClassDownload PDF
History 7th ClassDownload PDF
History 8th ClassDownload PDF
History 9th ClassDownload PDF
History 10th ClassDownload PDF
History 11th ClassDownload PDF
History 12th Class Part-IDownload PDF
History 12th Class Part-IIDownload PDF
History 12th Class Part-IIIDownload PDF

2. Geography

Class-Wise GeographyDownload Link
Geography 6th ClassDownload PDF
Geography 7th ClassDownload PDF
Geography 8th ClassDownload PDF
Geography 9th ClassDownload PDF
Geography 10th ClassDownload PDF
Geography 11th Class Part-IDownload PDF
Geography 11th Class Part-IIDownload PDF
Geography 12th Class Part-IDownload PDF
Geography 12th Class Part-IIDownload PDF
Geography 12th Class Part-IIIDownload PDF

3. Polity/Civics

Class-Wise PolityDownload Link
Polity 6th ClassDownload PDF
Polity 7th ClassDownload PDF
Polity 8th ClassDownload PDF
Polity 9th ClassDownload PDF
Polity 10th ClassDownload PDF
Polity 11th Class Part-IDownload PDF
Polity 11th Class Part-IIDownload PDF
Polity 12th Class Part-IDownload PDF
Polity 12th Class Part-IIDownload PDF

4. Economics

Class-Wise EconomicsDownload Link
Economics 9th ClassDownload PDF
Economics 10th ClassDownload PDF
Economics 11th ClassDownload PDF
Economics 12th Class Part-IDownload PDF
Economics 12th Class Part-IIDownload PDF
Economics 12th Class Part-IIIDownload PDF

5. Society

Class-Wise SocietyDownload Link
Society 11th ClassDownload PDF
Society 12th ClassDownload PDF

6. Science

Class-Wise ScienceDownload Link
Science 6th ClassDownload PDF
Science 7th ClassDownload PDF
Science 8th Class Download PDF
Science 9th Class Download PDF
Chemistry Complete GISTDownload PDF
Physics Complete GISTDownload PDF
Biology Complete GISTDownload PDF

Important SSC Stenographer Links

Important Links
Download SSC Steno Syllabus PDF | CLICK HERE
SSC Steno Previous Year Question Papers | CLICK HERE

SSC Stenographer Exam Pattern

If you’re getting ready for the Stenographer exam, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of the SSC Stenographer exam pattern. The SSC Stenographer exam is structured in two tiers. Let me break down the SSC Stenographer exam pattern for you:

TierType of ExaminationMode of examination
Tier-1Objective Multiple ChoiceCBT (Online)
Tier-2Shorthand Skill TestTranscription is to be done on computer and shorthand notes to be taken in shorthand notepads.

SSC Stenographer Exam Pattern for Tier I

In the first tier of the SSC Stenographer exam, you’ll be facing a total of 200 questions, carrying a maximum of 200 marks. You’ll have a time window of 2 hours to complete this stage. This tier is further divided into three sections: General Intelligence & Reasoning, General Awareness, and English Language.

Mode of examinationOnline (Computer-based test)
Type of questionsMultiple-choice Objective type questions
Number of sections3
Total Marks200
Number of Questions200
SSC Stenographer Exam Duration2 hours
Negative MarkingYes. 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer

SSC Stenographer Exam Pattern for Tier II

SSC Stenographer Skill Test is done on both Paper and Computer.

  • During the shorthand test, you’ll use a Shorthand Notepad for note-taking, which you’ll later transcribe on a computer.
  • For the skill test, you can opt for either English or Hindi as your language choice. Remember, you need to decide on the language when you’re filling out the form.
  • If, however, you don’t make a language selection, it’s worth noting that the skill test will automatically be conducted in English.

The candidates will be dictated a passage at the following speed.

  • For Stenographer Group ‘D’: 80 words per minute (w.p.m) for 8 Minutes
  • For Stenographer Group ‘C’: 100 words per minute (w.p.m) for 10 Minutes

After taking down the shorthand notes the candidates will have to transcribe the same on the computer. The Skill Test will be qualifying in nature.

PostLanguage of Skill TestTime DurationTime Duration for candidates
who are allowed the scribe
Stenographer Grade DEnglish50 Minutes70 Minutes
Stenographer Grade CHindi65 Minutes90 Minutes
Stenographer Grade CEnglish40 Minutes55 Minutes
 Stenographer Grade DHindi55 Minutes75 Minutes

Qualifying Criteria For SSC Stenographer Skill Test

The candidates will first have to secure a cut-off in SSC Stenographer CBT set by the SSC to qualify for the shorthand stage.

  1. The qualifying marks are different for the written test of Stenographers in Grades C and  Grade D.
  2. The candidate securing higher marks will be selected to appear for the Grade C as well as the Grade D Exam of the Skill Test, which will be the Tier II Exam.
  3. The candidates qualifying for the written test will be eligible to appear for the shorthand skill test.
  4. The shorthand skill test is qualifying in nature.
  5. The Merit List will be prepared based on the marks secured by the candidates in the written test.

The Qualifying criteria for the shorthand skill test are given below for SSC Stenographers in Grade C and Grade D.

Permissible Mistake out of total words:

CategoryGrade CGrade D

Other Important SSC Links

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Other Exam Material | CLICK HERE

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