Govt proposes law to intercept encrypted messages sent on WhatsApp, Signal

The government has submitted a law that would create a legal framework for the interception of internet-based communication services like WhatsApp and Signal that are encrypted, in accordance with the draft bill on telecommunications that was uploaded late on Wednesday evening, Hindustan Times reported.

Based on the definitions provided by the law, telecommunications is a service of any kind including broadcasting services and electronic mail voice mail voice, video, and data communication services, audiotex, videotex services mobile and fixed services, broadband and internet services and satellite-based communications services.

It also comprises internet-based communication services, maritime and in-flight connectivity, intercommunications services, machine-to-machine communications services, and over-the-top (OTT) communications services) which are accessible to users via telecommunication.

The government may include any other service the central government can declare as telecommunications services. It’s sought feedback from the public regarding the proposed.

The intercept will also include video and voice calls that are made using these applications according to the way in which the government defines messages to be “data stream or intelligence or information intended for telecommunication”.

If it is adopted in its current form has ramifications that could be significant for the sector that is founded on the concept of security and privacy in encrypted communications.

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