These WhatsApp & YouTube apps can destroy your phone with creepy Malware

Smartphone users on Android are in danger of being harmed by fake apps! This time an alert red was sent out by Meta for Android tablet and phone owners regarding an unknown spooky malware that is hidden in popular apps like WhatsApp as well as YouTube. Meta disclosed in its most recent quarterly Adversarial Threat Report 2022, that the new Dracarys malware is being introduced into the cloned versions of these apps. Not only WhatsApp and YouTube and even other instant messaging applications like Signal, Telegram, and customized chat apps have been targeted by cybercriminals.

The most recent report has revealed the Dracarys malware, named in honor of the Game of Thrones battle cry for dragons, was released from the Bitter APT hacking group. This hacking organization has been conducting attacks across a variety of countries, such as New Zealand, India UK as well as Pakistan. Meta reported in the report that “We found Bitter using a new custom Android malware family we named Dracarys. Notably, it used accessibility services, a feature in the Android operating system to assist users with disabilities, to automatically click through and grant the app certain permissions without the user having to do it.”

How risky could this malware be? Android malware?

The Dracarys malware has been said to be a threat for reasons! The malware is used by hackers to steal personal details of users. The malware has the capability of getting hold of contacts, call logs and files, SMS text messages geo-location, as well as the device details that the individual user has. This isn’t the end! The malware is capable of secretly taking pictures and activating microphones on the Android device as well as installing applications without the knowledge or consent of users.

The most significant risk is that the malware may even bypass security checks and avoid detection by an antivirus system. Meta report said, “While the malware functionality is quite common, as of this writing malware and its infrastructure has not been identified by the existing public antivirus systems. It is evident that Bitter has been able to implement the most common malware functionality in a manner that has gone unnoticed by security experts for a long time.”

The best way to avoid the attacks of malware is to stay away from downloading fake or unofficial applications for services such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram, Signal, or such applications from other third-party APK websites. Experts advise Android users to ensure that they download legitimate applications via Google Play Store.

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