What amount will you need to shell out to access 5G services in India?

5G prices in India: During the I-Day speech, Prime Minister Modi declared that 5G would begin to roll out in India shortly.

The telecom companies have been working on the rollout of 5G for some time which is why we can expect 5G to be accessible in a couple of months.

There are reports that in reality indicate it is likely that Jio and Airtel are set to launch their 5G service, at most the beginning, at the end of this month. Vi has also been working to begin its 5G services soon.

What is the cost you have to pay for 5G service in India?

Although telecom providers are still waiting to announce costs, Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal recently stated to India Today Tech it is expected that Airtel’s pricing for 5G for India will be at the same level as plans for 4G. “We will know the final costs only after the spectrum auction. If you look at other markets, where operators are already proving 5G, we haven’t seen them charging a premium for it over 4G,” the CEO stated in an interview a couple of months back.

Jio and Vi have not revealed any details regarding the cost of 5G in India. However, we believe the 5G plans offered by Jio and Vi are competitive with Airtel’s plans. Also, contrary to previous reports that 5G plans would be much higher than plans for 4G, we could reasonably expect 5G services to be affordable at the very least in the beginning.

It is thought that telcos will increase rates in the following months. It happened after 4G was first introduced within India as the very first one to launch it was Reliance Jio. There’s no consensus regarding who will be bringing 5G services first to the country. There is a fierce competition to decide between Reliance Jio and Airtel. Both telecom companies are working on launching 5G services in India and only time will determine who will decide to lead the charge.

Now it is a matter of when will 5G be available in India?

It’s an unanswered question. There’s not much clarity regarding the issue at the moment. There are reports that suggest Airtel or Jio will start their initial phase of 5G services before the close in the current year. Other reports suggest 5G services will officially begin to roll out towards the end of the year and a more extensive rollout is expected in the beginning of next year.

PM Modi recently announced during the Independence Day speech that 5G speed will be 10 times more efficient than the 4G speed. In addition, it’s stated that 5G will decrease the latency to less than one millisecond instead of the current 50ms (approx).

Based on a recently conducted study conducted by Ookla the majority of Indian smartphone users are prepared to upgrade their phones to 5G. It also indicates that the majority of users are planning on upgrading to 5G as soon as the service is available in their region and are also considering changing their telcos should they need to.

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