Wife discovers her husband was a woman eight years after their marriage; couple even took a honeymoon in Kashmir

Eight years after getting married, a woman of 40 living in Vadodara was stunned to learn that her husband had been an earlier woman and had undergone an operation for sex change according to police.

In an FIR that was filed at the Gotri police station, Gujarat, Sheetal accused Dr. Viraj Vardhan (earlier Vijaita) of “unnatural sex” and cheating in addition to naming members of his immediate family as defendants in the FIR.

The complainant claims she came across Viraj who was a resident of Delhi and a member of an online matrimonial site nine years ago. Her ex-husband died in a car crash in the year 2011, leaving her with a 14-year-old daughter at the time.

“They got formally married in February 2014 in presence of family members and even went on honeymoon to Kashmir,” the police reported. “However, the man didn’t consummate the marriage and kept giving excuses for many days. After she tried to pressure him to do so, he claimed an injury he suffered while traveling in Russia sometime in the past rendered him ineligible to have sex,” an official explained in an announcement.

The accused had assured the wife of a complete recovery.

In January of 2020, he told her he wanted to undergo surgery for obesity and left for Kolkata. The person, who currently identified as a man then revealed what really happened, and explained why he went through a sexual reassignment process while in Kolkata.

He was alleged to be having what’s called “unnatural sex” with the woman and threatened to unleash hell on her if she should reveal the information to anyone.

The suspect was escorted by Delhi and transferred to Vadodara.

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