Wild boars destroying crops in North Kashmir

The villages in north Kashmir are facing a growing issue with an increasing population of wild boars. These animals are causing significant problems for the farmers as they destroy crops, resulting in heavy losses.

The villagers have reported that the wild boars are damaging various crops, including paddy, maize, and vegetables. If immediate action is not taken, the losses will continue to mount and have severe consequences.

The hard work put in by the farmers in cultivating these crops is going to waste, and they are concerned about not having enough to eat if the situation persists. They are urging the authorities to intervene and provide assistance.

Despite informing local officials about the issue, no action has been taken to protect the crops from wild boars. The authorities must address this problem and support the farmers to prevent further losses.

Officials should reach out to the farmers, provide guidance, and implement measures to manage the wild boar population and protect the crops. It is worth noting that wild boars are not native to the region and were introduced during the time of Maharaja Gulab Singh.

In the mid-1980s, it was believed that the wild boars had disappeared completely. However, they were spotted again in 2013, and since 2018, their population has increased significantly, posing a threat to crops and causing hardships for the farmers.

The wildlife department has conducted research on the impact of wild boars on the ecology due to their large numbers. Although an official census has not been carried out, the department plans to study their presence and develop a management plan.

Farmers have observed that the wild boars primarily damage crops during the night, moving in groups and causing swift destruction. Experts speculate that their near extinction in the mid-1980s may have been due to unfavorable weather conditions, but climate change and slightly warmer temperatures in Kashmir during winter could be contributing to their return.

Additionally, the proximity of north Kashmir to the Line of Control (LoC) may be a factor in the increased population of wild boars.

To resolve this issue, the authorities should consult with affected farmers in the villages and find ways to minimize or eliminate the damage caused by wild boars to crops. Urgent action is needed to address this problem.

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